Humans of BV: Allison Roggy

Mena Walker, Staff Writer

With fall sports done, students at BV are assembling and training for a variety of winter sports in 2022. Looking for a new hobby, senior Allison Roggy decided to try out for the BV bowling team.

“I remember freshman year I was telling my friend ‘You know, we should do it. We should go for bowling in our senior year, and she was like, ‘Okay.’ We said that as a joke,” Roggy said. “So now, we actually did it. Some people from the tennis team wanted to do it too, so I was like, ‘Let’s go, I’m so ready.’” 

As a beginner, Roggy had to learn and practice at a bowling alley to be part of the team. 

“Bowling is fun because you’re around fun people. I thought it was going to be super competitive. Only ten members tried out,” Roggy said. “I thought there [were] gonna be cuts and stuff but there weren’t. I [still] practiced a lot.” 

Surrounded by new experiences, opportunities, and friendships, Roggy explained the best aspects of being on the team.

“[My favorite part is] being around my teammates,” Roggy said. “[Bowling is] really a chill sport — you don’t have to try. It’s not super crazy or competitive.”

With bowling becoming an active sport to play, Roggy encourages students to try out for the sport.

“I recommend this sport because it’s not straining and you have teamwork,” Roggy said. “It’s fun and it’s a nice thing to do [during] your free time.”