Humans of BV: Blair Basset

Stephanie Kontopanos, Assistant Editor

Senior Blair Basset has been involved in the Cyberpatriots program throughout high school.

“Cyberpatriots is a computer competition about cybersecurity,” Basset said.

At the competitions, members work as a team to complete various tasks.

“Your competition scenario is usually like you’re hired by a company and you see what the company would like you to do,” Basset said. “There are specific things like ‘delete this user’ or ‘add this file’ or ‘just make sure this is extra secure.’”

Basset provided advice for those hoping to get involved with Cyberpatriots.

“Talk to Ms. Riffer. She’ll be happy to get you started on a team,” Basset said. “You start at the beginning of the year. It’s too late to join now, but [you can join] next year.”