Humans of BV: Emily Clausen

Charley Thomas, Editor in Chief

When it comes to activities, junior Emily Clausen takes part in more than just her fair share. 

“I’m in cross-country, track and band,” she said. “I also work at Chipotle and do PSP, a sports-performance gym.” 

As one might expect, participating in so many extracurriculars can be difficult to balance with academics, but Clausen has a positive take on her busy schedule. 

“It was hard [to balance everything] at first, but I got so used to it — it was honestly harder when I stopped having the activities because I just didn’t know what to do with myself,” she said. “Once you’re on to the inertia of balancing it, it’s not that hard.”

Though Clausen recommends getting involved, she also urges her peers to be thoughtful about the clubs and teams of which they are considering becoming a part. 

“[Only join if] it’s something you really like,” she said. “If I didn’t genuinely enjoy the things I did, I literally couldn’t do it.”