Presidential speech evokes varying opinions

The school day was briefly interrupted Tuesday, Sept. 8 for President Barack Obama’s speech to students concerning their responsibility to education.
“His speech related to students,” senior Aziza Moolla said. “It inspired me to work harder and pursue my goals.”
Though some students chose to stay and listen to the president, many chose to opt out.
Students who made the decision not to watch the speech were put in the commons where they had the opportunity to work on schoolwork.
However, some students said the attempt to create an effective working environment was not successful.
“The rules weren’t well enforced,” sophomore Alvin Xing said. “It was even louder than the lunchroom.”
Sophomore Luke McElwain didn’t see the point of making time for the speech during the school day.
“It was a good thought but I don’t think it really inspired anybody,” McElwain said. “He’s overusing his popularity.”
Students weren’t the only ones critical of President Obama’s speech.
Principal Scott Bacon received about 20 calls and e-mails from concerned parents.
“Early on, there was confusion about the content,” Bacon said. “There was the perception that students were being asked to view it without their parents. I think it was well-intended and I appreciate the intentions to encourage and motivate students.” by Sara Naatz.