New school determines senior class size

The senior class at Blue Valley Southwest will be comprised of about 45 students.  

BVSW principal Scott Roberts is happy with the numbers.

“It is a smaller number than we thought it would be,” he said. “But I think this testifies to what we do at the high school level. People are hesitant to leave their school because they’re connected to the school: they’re connected to teachers, they’re connected to programs and they’re connected to sports and coaches, which is exactly what we want to have happen. So, by such a small senior class, this shows that what is happening at West and High is working. This senior class is going to be a trailblazing class.”

The deadline for senior option declaration and transfers to BVSW was Jan. 6.

Construction at the school is on schedule.

“We’re about 70 percent done,” Roberts said. “The classrooms, the gym, the fields, the parking lot – they’re all looking great.”

There are also 932 parking spaces available for next year, so there is currently no plan for assigned parking. 

“I know what a nightmare high school parking lots can be,” Roberts said. “I was in charge of sophomore parking at Blue Valley for two years. The Southwest parking lot will be nothing like that. We will probably only have about 400 driving students, and with 932 parking spots, students will come in and park without a problem.”

by Annie Burress