Parking problems could have quick fix

Caitlin Holland, Editor-in-chief

Okay, so I’ve got a pretty decent parking spot for a senior.
Front row, main lot. Not quite in front of the doors, but reasonably close. I figured it would work pretty well for me this year.
The first couple weeks of school it did. I rolled up towards the end of first hour (I have health online), parked and walked on in.
Unfortunately, the past two days have been the opposite of ideal. Not ideal.
This morning and Friday morning, I arrived in my spot to find another car already parked in it.
I’m a pretty patient person, but my spot was taken on two mornings that I wasn’t quite prepared to deal with that particular problem.
The first morning, I was already running late to work on an AP CA assignment with a friend in the library.
The second, I had an editorial board meeting to get to.
The person parking in my spot both times wasn’t a student from the school, but rather some kind of district employee.
I understand that not everyone is familiar with the way we do things here at BV, which is fine. Each school does things differently, so it would be pretty hard to know the particulars of each school’s parking lot.
If we had some kind of a sign posted in the parking lot explaining where visitors can park, problems like this one would be avoided for students.
It could alleviate many headaches for students, faculty and visitors alike for the rest of the year.