Musician to perform at band fundraiser

Odi Opole, Web Editor

This Saturday, Oct. 29, the BV Tiger Band will host its second fundraising concert in the Performing Arts Center at 8 p.m.
New Age pianist David Lanz will perform at the event.
Tickets cost $20 and can be purchased at the door.
Band director Avian Bear said the band is hoping to raise $6-8,000 to use for yearly and student-specific expenses.
Band participants receive money for band-related activities through a general fund and through personalized student accounts.
Members use the account for band-related expenses such as maintaining uniforms and traveling to various competitions.
Bear said that since the band isn’t taking any major trips this year, a majority of the money raised will go into the student accounts.
“We try to keep them in balance,” she said.
Bear said the band is excited to have Lanz perform.
“He’s very big in the New Age piano world,” she said. “He started [the genre] over 20 years ago, and we’re really happy to bring him in here.”
The band contacted Lanz with help from pianist David Nevue, who performed last year and senior Alex Schoenberg’s piano teacher.
“She decided to just take a chance and ask if he would come perform for us,” Schoenberg said. “He emailed us back and said he would be happy to do that.”
Lanz said he agreed to waive most of his performance fees for the event because he believes it will be a good experience.
“I know my friend David Nevue performed here last year, and it was a positive experience for him,” Lanz said. “The event was presented as a benefit, and I had a nice little hole in my schedule. It just kind of worked out.”
Schoenberg said she thinks students will enjoy the performance.
“His music is not at all like classical music,” she said. “I think it’s really pretty, and he plays with a lot of emotion.”
Lanz said his music incorporates pop, rock, jazz and classical styles.
“It’s kind of tough to describe,” he said. “My style is very romantic, melodic, and it has classical elements, too.”
Schoenberg said she expects a mixture of people to attend the concert.
“Last year when we had David Nevue playing, I think it was pretty evenly split between students and adults,” she said. “It was a good concert for everyone, and David Lanz will be good, too.”
Band member senior Meera Chakravarthy said she expects the majority of the audience to be adults.
“There will be more adults because of the vibe, but it’s just [about] student awareness,” she said. “Most of [the students] don’t know the pleasure of classical music and piano music.”
Chakravarthy said students are encouraged to attend the event.
“Literally anyone can come,” she said. “It’s sometimes hard for us band kids to find people, like, ‘Hey, do you want to come to this concert of [an artist] you probably haven’t heard of?’ But it’s all up for grabs. I would like students to come.”