Construction to investigate clog interferes with student traffic

Maddie Jewett, Features Editor

The drainage system at BV has been under construction for about two weeks.
“There is a clog in the line in the draining system,” Principal Scott Bacon said. “When it rains, the water goes shooting out of the ground like a geiser and it floods the back dock area.”
Bacon said the system goes around most of the school.
“From what I understand, the water goes through the draining system, behind and under the building, and empties out into the sewer on the east side of the building,” he said.
Bacon said that the workers have been trying different techniques to figure out where the clog is located.
“They used a camera system that went through the drain and didn’t find the blockage, then they realized it would be following the line out to the sewer,” he said. “Now they are digging out by the 200 [hall] doors, still trying to locate the clog.”
Bacon said that as far as he knows, the clog still has not been found.
“As of today they may have located the blockage,” Bacon said. “If that’s the case, they will repair it and then we will go from there.”
Math teacher Richard Gill, who has a class at the end of the 200 hallway, said the noise hadn’t been a problem until yesterday.
“They’re not supposed to be using a jack hammer during school hours, but apparently the guy using the hammer wasn’t told that,” Gill said. “My 5th hour was taking a test, but luckily I changed classrooms during 6th hour.”
Gill said there has been a plus to the situation.
“It’s gotten much quieter down in this hall traffic wise,” he Gill said. “The students have to walk to other way to get to the mobiles, so there’s not nearly as many students coming this way.”
Bacon said while construction is underway, students cannot exit through the 200 hall doors, and must use the 500 hall doors, but he hopes the problem will be fixed soon.
“It’s been a little bit inconvenient, but hopefully by the time we get back from Thanksgiving break it will be taken care of and everything will be back to normal,” he said.