Honor Society hopes to promote musical arts

Abby Bamburg, Entertainment Editor

In Sept. of 2012, Senior Colleen Dehais started a chapter of the National Music Honors Society (NMHS), a selective organization with member representation from orchestra, band, and choir.
Dehais said the club includes the students that are the best overall musicians and also strong in academics.
“We have so many honors societies here at school, but we don’t really have one that represents the performing arts side of things,” she said. “Also, I wanted it to be a way to promote arts and music in our school and community.”
Dehais found out about the society and decided it would be a good addition to BVHS.
“I talked to some friends, and we decided who we thought would be a good officer,” she said. “We talked to Mrs. Bear and she agreed to become our sponsor. Then we got in contact with the national organization and they sent us the paperwork.”
So far, Dehais said they have gone over the point system, inducted new members, and planned events.
“We’re going carolling, to the opera, to a musical and also a performance of a brass band at the Kauffman Center,” she said.
The club have around 50 members right now but Dehais said she hopes to induct more in the spring. To participate in NMHS, a student must be evaluated by a music teacher and an academic teacher, have a 3.0 GPA, have at least ½ credit of music class before induction, and continue taking a music class through graduation.
Dehais said NMHS is a good way to represent the preforming arts and music departments.
“Our school is really good about recognizing people for athletic acheivements, but sometimes they don’t pay as much attention to the arts,” she said. “Everybody listens to music all the time, and they don’t really realize how cool it is to be on the other side actually making the music.”