Raise Your Voice: What advice did you take away from the Jan. 24 “Light, Bright and Polite” assembly?

Bridget Howard, Staff Writer

Raise your Voice: What advice did you take away from the “Light, Bright and Polite” assembly? How will you apply it to your decisions on social media?

“What you put out there isn’t private and safe from others and also how easy it is for your private information to end up in the wrong hands. It actually scares me and makes me want to be a lot more cautious and careful on the internet and social media.” — Freshman Emily Blackwell

“I took away that I need to be more careful of the things I post. It can really affect my future. I will make sure to keep it ‘Light, Bright and Polite.’” — Sophomore Adam Houghton

“Something that really opened up my eyes was that I need to watch what I say on social media and be more positive with what I post. I am going to watch what I post so that colleges will be happy to have me at their school.” — Junior Amanda Brown

“The largest piece of advice I took away was that employers look at what you post, and that could be a deciding factor amongst getting a job or not. I personally will not change my ways on social media, but I hope others take into consideration what he had to say and watch what they post.” — Senior Connor Lotz

“I was truly surprised by how much social media has changed since I was in high school. It’s important, not only for students, but also for teachers and professionals to monitor what they say on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and how that might affect those around them.”
— English Language Arts teacher Tierney Weed