Blue Valley High Transfers

Lindsay Barash, Fall 2014 J1 Student

Out of 79 transfer students to Blue Valley this year, 30 of them are freshmen. That is 38 percent of the transfer students.
Freshman Ashlyn Frickey was supposed to go to BV Southwest — however, she enrolled at Blue Valley instead.
“BV is in the middle of everyone,” said Frickey. “Everybody that I know that transfers schools comes here.”
Freshman Bella Umentum, said BV isn’t only great because its in the middle of everyone. There’s more to it. It’s great also because of the people, she said.
“Blue Valley was closer to my home, and I was really up to making new friends from a new school,” said Umentum. “Also, BV looked nicer in general and much better,” said Umentum.
Frickey said a big reason as to why she transferred was because she didn’t feel like she belonged
“[At my old school] They didn’t make me feel welcomed when I was new at the school, and here, everybody has tried to help me out,” said Frickey. “Not that I really need the help anymore because almost everyone is so friendly”.
Umentum said BV has been a great change for her so far.
“The kids are so nice,” said Umentum. “My favorite part of the school would be making friends. The amount of opportunities I’ve had to make friends here already has just been great.”
Frickey also said the friends she has been able to make here have been amazing compared to last year at Aubry Bend Middle School.
home,” said freshman Molly Harrigan, transfer from BV West. “It really is a safe, learning environment.”
“I’d like to thank whoever is responsible for my opportunity to come to this school,” said Umentum. “I’ve made so many friends, and it’s just been really exciting.”