Get Involved: Shedding some light on the clubs around Blue Valley

Chloe Breau and Grace Gearon, Staff Writers

Fashion Club

President: Junior Josie Lewin 

Summary: Talk about latest trends and popular styles.

When: Wednesdays during TCB

Where: Business teacher Ashley Scheuerman’s room

“Our goal is to eventually do a charity fashion show in the spring or next fall. We also have a bulletin board at the end of the senior hallway that highlights our own trend of the month.” — Lewin


Ultimate Frisbee Club

President: Senior Eli Kahn 

Summary: Chance for Ultimate Frisbee players to play on a casual team with friends.

When: During the fall season, Sundays at 1 p.m. During the winter season, Wednesdays after school.

Where: Blue Valley High School football field

“I like playing Ultimate. I have played since fifth grade, so it is fun to play with kids from my school.” — Kahn


Pokémon Club

President: Freshman Caroline Newport 

Summary: Play the new Nintendo DS Pokémon games and sometimes play traditional Pokémon card games.

When: One Thursday a month

Where: Science and Leadership teacher Azie Taghizadeh’s room

“Everyone there loves Pokémon, and I love Pokémon. We can sit and play the video games for an hour after school.” — Newport


Chess Club

President: No elected officials

Summary: Play others with a variety of different chess backgrounds and abilities in order to become a better player. Optional tournaments.

When: Tuesdays after school

Where: Math teacher Richard Gill’s room

“I like having a variety of people to play against. If a lot of people show up, then you have a pretty wide range of competition.” — Senior Nick Williams


Restaurant Club

President: Junior Madison Wilkins 

Summary: An opportunity to broaden students’ cultural horizons and experience new food and restaurants.

When: First Thursday of the Month

Where: Science teacher Charlena Sieve’s room

“I like being able to have an excuse to go to restaurants.” — Wilkins


Gay-Straight Alliance

President: No elected officials

Summary: Talk in open discussions about LGBTQ issues in the community.

When: Every other Tuesday at 3:15 p.m.

Where: Spanish teacher Jill Gouger’s room

“My favorite part about it is everybody is welcome, regardless of your sexuality, your race, your ethnicity — it’s a totally safe environment. Everything that is said there stays there.” — Senior Ryan Edmonds