Music Diversity

Blue Valley students talk about their interests in music

Rhyan Kale, Fall J1 student

Blue Valley’s students are diverse in music. Students are interested in music that varies from the top hits to country to alternative. “I listen to anytinfohing from pop hits to really alternative stuff.” Sophomore Annie Shull said Although, others support only one genre of muic. “It’s rare that I listen to anything different than country.” Junior Wil Watkins said Watkins uses m
usic to teach him how to live life. “Music teaches me things like how to be a ma
n, or how to love a woman. Without music in my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” Watkins said Shull said she listens to music because it gives her something to do and helps her be a happier person. “It hasn’t really changed [my life], it’s just something I like to do in my free time.” Shull said Shull and Watkins
are both inspired by artists in the music industry. Shull said “I like to listen to The Mowgli’s because they inspire me to be more happy, and Taylor Swift because she has girl power.” High school can be known to be one of the places you are judged the most in your life. Watkins said he’s been judged
many times because of his taste in music. He said he’s been called “weird” or an “outlaw,” but his music teaches him to be himself and not conform to what’s “cool” or “popular.” Shull said she had never been judged because of her taste in music but she thought it would be dumb if someone were to do that. Watkins said it’s possible music could have a good impact on his future. “I would definitely look into a job in the music industry, especially because music takes a big part in my life and the way I live it.” Watkins said. Shull and Watkins said that without music, their lives wouldn’t be the way they are today. “Music will always help me to be a happier person!” Shull said