A Trip to Costa Rica

Students take on new adventures

Robin Antonic, Fall 2015 J1 Student

Over the summer of 2015, a group of Blue Valley students traveled to Costa Rica. Trip sponsor Andrew Hulse took 14 students to explore the adventures of the country.

Sophomore Katie Beth Jones, who attended the trip, said they saw everything “from beaches to mountains to the rainforest.”

Robin Antonic.infographic The trip was organized through Education First, an organization that sends students and teachers to travel to different countries exploring new cultures. The students went to get a new perspective about the different cultures in Costa Rica.

Jones said white water rafting, visiting farms and plantations, snorkeling and hiking were some of the activities the group did.

“My favorite thing we did was, white water rafting because it was different than I expected”

The group was in Costa Rica for 12 days, a few of which it rained.

“It was sunny and warm, but it rained for a little bit most days. ” Sophomore Riley Fisher said.

Their daily activities were not impacted by the rain though, Fisher said.

“Going to different islands and snorkeling was my favorite thing we did,” Fisher said.