Theatre Season is here!

More about Fifth Wall and what they do

Theatre season has arrived. Fifth Wall’s, the BVHS improv group, has an upcoming show on Sept.23, which will give students tons of options to be involved in the drama scene. Senior Kailey Meacham and Drama Teacher, Jeff Yearnel agree most people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes to prepare for Fifth Wall shows. Meacham and Yarnell said putting on a show like Fifth Wall takes lots of practice since if they are not sure what they will be doing until they get on stage. “We have rehearsals every Thursday, and we just started rehearsing in Tiger Paws too. So basically we just practice the different games we play so we can get an idea of what works best in a game so we just get repetitions and we find different techniques and how to do it,” said Meacham . The games come from a variety of sources and can include different aspects of improv. “We get some of our games from a show called ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ and a lot of them have just been passed down. Then there’s a bunch of websites you can find games and [Fifth Wall director Jeff Yarnell] knows a lot of them because he does Improv too,” said Meacham . Yarnell said Fifth Wall works on a variety of things preparing for a show and set goals for what they are trying to accomplish. “Whenever we are doing improv, the goal is to learn new games, to figure out what the prompts are [to] get an idea of what we are looking for, and then we’ll talk about comedic targets for specific games and we try to apply those,” Yarnell said. Meacham said the main tip for aspiring improvisers is to be confident with what you are doing and just go for it. Also decide what you style comedy acting is. “Be confident on stage and definitely audition for Fifth Wall,” Meacham said. Yarnell agrees. “Figure out what it is that you do comically, [whether] you’re more of a cerebral player or a physical player,” Yarnell said. “Whatever you do, be willing to take some chances and to put yourself out there.”