Hillary’s October Surprise

FBI reopens Clinton case, even more revealing emails


On Friday, October 27th, FBI Director James Comey informed the U.S Congress that his agency was once again looking into Hillary Clinton’s secret personal email server.

This came as a surprise to the press and Clinton alike, as the FBI had announced the completion of its investigation into Clinton’s emails several months earlier. The discovery was made while the FBI was working on a completely separate case pertaining to Anthony Weiner.

The former State Representative Weiner is accused of sexting an under-age girl. In order to further their investigation into Weiner, the agency obtained Weiner’s and his wife Huma Abedin’s cell phones. Abedin has been a personal aide to Clinton all throughout her campaign. The subsequent search of Abedin’s phone revealed emails that seemed to come from Clinton’s private server.

Director Comey then pulled the emails for further inspection upon the discovery of their relation to Clinton’s case. This comes at a very crucial time in the election, just nine days before Americans make their decision for the next president. We will just have to wait and see if this new information changes voter’s minds.