US-China relations go downhill

President-Elect violates US-China agreement by accepting phone call from Taiwan leader

Noma Kreegar, Editor in Chief

Last Friday, President-Elect Donald Trump accepted a phone call from Tsai Ing-Wen, the President of Taiwan.

This phone call was in direct violation of the Taiwan Relations Act, which prohibited the United States from recognizing Taiwan as a country. The goal of this agreement was to keep US-China relations stable.

Trump received a copious amount of backlash. The complete disregard for US foreign policy is making some of his supporters question his presidential readiness.

Some supporters are also beginning to question if he will be presidential in nature or not after his decision to only receive weekly security briefings compared to VP Mike Pence’s daily briefings.

As a President-Elect, Trump needs to be filled in on many different things regarding Foreign Policy, and this Taiwan phone call may be an indicator of how committed he is to upholding alliances we have with other countries such as Japan.

While China has reacted very explosively to the call,Trump has dismissed the event as a slip-up. He also said that he would work harder to improve upon his knowledge of Foreign Policy in the future.

Looking forward, both Trump’s supporters and those who doubt him are preparing to put their trust into his hands- let’s hope he can uphold his part of the deal.