Off the Radar

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Julie Freijat, co-editor in chief

Microsoft goes rogue.

The Supreme Court is about to take on a case that will determine whether or not federal search warrants extend overseas in terms of retrieving data. A couple years back, federal investigators determined that a Microsoft Outlook email may have contained information regarding drug trafficking. They obtained a search warrant to retrieve this information. The issue — those emails were stored in an account in Ireland. Microsoft refused to hand over the information under the claim that a federal search warrant does not extend over international borders. The government claims Microsoft’s refusal is hindering federal investigation.

California is dealing with a Hepatitis A crisis. 

California is currently in the midst of a state of emergency regarding a Hepatitis A outbreak. Hundreds of people have been infected and 19 have died as a result of the viral liver disease. The spread is mostly attributed to the lack of access to proper sanitation — those affected have been mostly drug users or the homeless. Nurses and government officials are racing to stop the disease but have been met with only a continual outbreak.



People are protesting the recent Somalia bombing.

Early this month, a bomb killed around 300 people in Mogadishu, Somalia. The exact death toll can’t be determined because some bodies could not be identified after the blast. Shortly after the attack, thousands of citizens took to the street to protest against those responsible for the attack. Police attempted to keep the demonstrators away from the bombing site by firing into the crowd, but they persisted. The attack has been blamed on al-Shabaab, a local terrorist group.