Who runs the world? Teens!

BV senior dabbles in running for governor, starting a new political party

Kaitlin Yu, Co-editor in chief

You’ve heard about cats and dogs becoming mayor and a brain surgeon running for presidential candidate, but in Kansas, a new trend is rising — teenagers have begun to run for governor since there is no age requirement. It all started with 16-year old Jack Bergeson from Wichita, who announced his campaign for the Democratic nomination in August. Four other teenagers have stepped forward since then. Blue Valley senior Chandler Jones took a stab at the race, but now, he plans to start a new political party.

Q. How long have you been interested in politics?

A. “This started in 2016 in [social studies teacher Tony] Scardino’s class because he would play the CNN Student News every day. I just found it more and more interesting until I decided this is what I want to do in my life.”

Q. How do you feel about the other teenagers running for governor even though they can’t vote?

A. “I think it’s fine, as long as the state’s not against it. People will vote for what they think is right, and if those teenagers can prove that they’re better for the general populous, then I absolutely think they should be able to run.”

Q. How do you become a declared candidate?

A. “You can pay $2,700 upfront, or you can pay $670 and bring them 5,090 signatures from the party you’re running with. I [tried] to go that route because if I’m going to pay any amount of money, I at least want to have some momentum.”

Q. Why did you suspend your campaign?

A. “There was no way I would have gotten enough signatures to secure my candidacy.”

Q. Why did you start the new party, and what can someone who is interested in the party do to join?

A. “I want to start a new party because the Republican Party has done nothing but fail conservatives for the past 16 years. It refuses to modernize. I like Reagan, too, but we need a party for 2018, not 1980. The name of my modernized Republican party is the Red Fox Republican party. If anyone is interested in joining, I’d like them to come talk to me.”

Q. What is the purpose of the party?

A. “The point of the party is to modernize the Republican Platform, and set the party back on the right track.  It’s also an attempt to rebrand the party, as the stigma that currently surrounds it is damaging to our electoral base.”