Things to do in Winter


Nick Lamberti and Jaron Cole


Watch holiday movies: The Polar Express, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Home Alone, Hallmark Holiday Movie Collection, Love Actually, Deck the Halls, Christmas with the Kranks, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life

Bake: Mistletoe cookie recipe:

melt ⅓ cup butter in large saucepan on low heat

add around 30 marshmallows

cook and stir 3 to 4 min or until melted

remove from heat

stir in several drops of green food coloring

evenly add 3 cups of corn flakes

drop by tablespoonfuls into 30 mounds on waxed paper-covered baking sheets sprayed with cooking spray

press hot tamale candies on top of each cookie

let sit for 30 min or until firm

Decorate the house: Decorations like Christmas trees, lights, menorahs, winter-scented candles, wreaths, gingerbread house, nativities


Sled: Penn Valley Park, 31st Street and SW Trafficway in Kansas City, Mo.

Suicide Hill, at 57th and Brookside in Kansas City, Mo.

Westwood Park, at 47th Street and State Line Road in Kansas City, Mo.

Blue Valley Park, at 23rd Street and Topping Avenue in Kansas City, Mo.

Waterworks Park, at Waterworks Road and N. Oak Trafficway in Kansas City, Mo.

Look at holiday lights: For the best places to find holiday lights, check out pages 34-35

Make snow angels/snowmen

Have a snowball fight

Build an igloo: How to build an igloo:

Build your igloo on a slope to save effort

Igloo block molds can be bought online

Stack blocks in a circular formation

The top of the igloo can be left open to save time and effort

Optional: cut a door shape into the side of your igloo

Go holiday shopping: For more advice on holiday shopping, see page 39

Ice skate: Nearby recreational ice skating rinks are located at Park Place and Crown Center

take photos: Best places to take photos in winter:The Plaza, Local snow-covered park, Crown Center Union Station, Town Center

go caroling: Going door-to-door caroling is old-fashioned and cold. Put a modern twist on your caroling by going on a drive with your friends and sing along to your favorite holiday songs at the top of your lungs.