IN-N-OUT Under Fire

Chloe Browning, Story Editor

Fire, a burning mass that has scorched much of our west coast. We have seen the fires for the last several years stretch across the coast destroying miles and miles of land.

A new lawsuit has come into the light as Cal Fire is making the claim that the wildfires in September of 2017 in Arroyo Grande were caused by a tractor mowing on In-N-Out property. Cal Fire is saying it was covered in “dry annual grasses and scattered brush, which created a receptive bed of flammable vegetation.” They have also claimed that the tractor hadn’t been maintained properly and that the driver allowed the fire to spread.

In this lawsuit, Cal Fire is suing In-N-Out for around $1.2 million to put towards the damage caused. The fire they caused burned around 245 acres in only four days. The lawsuit has been filed in the San Luis Obispo Superior Court and In-N-Out is yet to make any public statements on the suit.

Although In-N-Out may have caused this wildfire many have been happening in this area of our country for the past decade. Last year alone about 8.8 million acres of land burned, and 10 million in the year before that. These fires have caused devastation to people all around the country and this lawsuit is a step forward by making the responsible parties pay for what they have caused.