Getting Involved

A run down of all the clubs BVHS has to offer, why students enjoy participating in them


Ayesha Khan, Editor in Chief

Community Service

-Prairie Restoration Club

-Relay for Life Comittee

-Environmental Club

– SAFE (seatbelts are for everyone)

-Students Assist Schools


“We contact some of the local like middle schools and elementary schools and we go after school to help the teachers or the office staff with whatever they need us to do. I wanted to be a part of this club, because I really wanted to show my appreciation towards teachers and help them out. When I was like a kid, I remember watching the older kids help out teachers, and I’ve always just wanted to be a part of that and give back to my community.” – Brooke Hoffman, 12, SAS Co-President

Relationships & Honor Societies

– Latin Club

– French Club

– Jewish Student Union

– Unified Sports

– Gay-Straight Alliance

– Diversity Club

– FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

– National Honor Society

– Latin National Honor Society

– English National Honor Society

– French National Honor Society

– Science National Honor Society

– Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

– Mu Alpha Theta

– History National Honor Society

– Tri-M Music National Honor Society

– International Thespian National Honor Society

– Quill and Scroll National Honor Society

Sources of Strength

– Science Outreach

– KAY Club


“We raise money that is donated to children in developing nations that need help or warstruck areas. I feel like it’s an important club because it’s very important to be aware of other issues that are going around, not just being centered around the sort of bubble we live here in this suburb and helping other people. I encourage others to join this club because it’s just a great way to raise money for others that really need it more than us and are in impoverished areas.” – Joaquin Toro, 11, UNICEF President


– Rep Theater

– Advanced Rep Theater

– Drama Club

– Musical

– Technical Theater (Stage Crews)

– Fifth Wall

“[We get] together [to] do improv games and do it in front of people for show sometimes. It’s fun and it allows people to be themselves and not worry about what people think— it gives us time to show our creativity.” -Cannon Simpson, 11, Fifth Wall Member

Competitive & Academic

– BV Business

– Science Knowledge Bowl

– Scholars Bowl

– Debate

– Competitive Speech

– BV Computer Science

– Investment Club

– Model UN

“Model UN goes to different conferences throughout the year– at each conference, you are assigned a country and are put into a committee with people from other schools. You try to come up with a solution that your county would probably support in real life, and then try to get the other countries to agree with you. It teaches you how to speak, write, and even think more succinctly, and I think it helps you gain a global perspective on many issues.” -Emily Clausen, 11, Model UN Member

Hobbies & Other

– Anime Club

– Dungeons and Drag- ons

– YAF (Youth America’s Foundation)

– Tiger Esports

– Wigs Out

– Literature Appreciation

– Young Progressives Club

– Go Club

– Educators Rising

– Fandom Club

“Wigs out raises money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I encourage others to join the club because you get lots of service hours while supporting a good cause through fun activities. It’s an important club because the BCRF raises money to actively find cures for all types of cancer, and they can’t do it without our help.” – Kristen Rupp, 12, Wigs Out President