Rise to Revenge

Students travel to University of Delaware for a national trumpet competition

Andrew Sharber, Staff Writer

As the National Trumpet Competition (NTC) was canceled for the students two years ago because of the rise of Covid-19, they prepared even more along with a few more players in the hopes of making it farther than they previously anticipated last year.

For any students involved in sports, debate, band, orchestra or any other extracurricular program at the school, there is always preparation and the hopes of going far with the work that you’ve done. 

For seniors Brynn Sankey, Lauren Kassing, and Connor Stasieluk, their preparation was cut short due to the NTC being canceled because of Covid-19. While they were disappointed in the hopes of having fun and enjoying the event, they now embrace it with having more people being able to go this year.

With sophomore Ethan Oppold and seniors Aiden Bienz and Darren Cox now added to the group, competition was high as they attended the event at the University of Delaware from March 31-April 1. 

“This trip is a chance to [be able to] redeem ourselves,” Sankey said. “Sophomore year, we had done another NTC audition, and we made it. Because of Covid, we weren’t able to go, and so this is our redemption.” 

But for any major event, especially at the national level, they needed to prepare. 

“A lot of it is for fun, but [we have] to do a lot of practice,” Bienz said. “It’s annoying, but then when you actually do make a good piece and it sounds great. It’s really beautiful when you have a concert and it’s just all put together.” 

The group from BV will meet around eight other performing groups, get their chance to play, as well as experience other groups of well-ranged musical performers and professionals. 

“It’s cool to be able to get with other trumpet players that are equally skilled and talented to just make some pretty awesome music and showcase that for professionals,”  Sankey said. 

While the trip was definitely something the students looked forward to, there’s also going to be high stakes with schools from all over the country including Broken Arrow, the winner of Marching Bands of America, attending. 

But, for the students to be the only group attending from Kansas, it’s a valuable experience. While most of the students are planning to continue their musical talents in their future education, they think this is something that they just get one shot at. 

“It means quite a bit because of how you have the inspiration to keep playing and it shows how much work you’ve put in,” Stasieluk said. “It feels like something you’ve auditioned for and you make something you’ve always wanted to do. Then you get to travel and compete with other people of your skill level. Having that bonding time between each person in your group is a really cool experience.”