Brief Views Around BV



From Dec. 7 to 9, second semester schedule change requests are able to be made. “The goal is to have students start their full schedule the first day back,” counselor Kristen Stallbaumer said. “This way classes can be established without disruption and teachers can begin teaching curriculum right away.” In order to maintain this, no changes are permitted in January. “Any level changes or other exceptions can be pursued Dec. 7-9 so everyone is where they need to be Jan. 4,” Stallbaumer said.


For the third time in a row, the BV Tiger Band won state while performing at the University of Kansas on Oct. 22, 2022. As one of the three drum majors, senior Joaquin Toro was a part of the experience. “It was really gratifying to see all of our hard work pay off,” Toro said. “We had a slow start.” Yet, the season ended a high note, winning High General Effect, High Music, High Visual, and High Percussion. “I could not be more satisfied with the results,” Toro said.


At the beginning of the year, senior Nancy Pei scored a 36 on the ACT. “I was pretty nervous,” Pei said, “I woke up and was like ‘Woah, ACT scores are out’ and I was surprised with my score because I didn’t study that hard.” Difficult to achieve, Pei expressed that preparation is most important. “My biggest tip is to know what your goal score is,” Pei said. “If you’re aiming for a 36, I’d say time is the biggest thing. The questions themselves aren’t very difficult, it’s just the time management of it all.”