Blog: US should pay more attention to North Korea’s actions

Emily Brown, Copy editor

North Korea.
A totalitarian dictatorship/personality cult led by Kim Jong-il.
The one place you really have no chance of getting into…if you want to survive, of course.
You are, no doubt, wondering why the heck this country is important. Why should you bother with the world’s most isolated nation? I mean, it is called the Hermit Kingdom for a reason, right?
Not exactly.
North Korea might be economically isolated but it has a talent for creating as much trouble as entirely possible. Especially with its hated enemy, democratic South Korea.
At the moment, the entire world is watching the two bordering countries with a mixture of horror and fascination.
In March, South Korea’s Cheonan warship sunk, killing 46. An international investigation found that a North Korean torpedo was responsible.
North Korea recently shelled a South Korean island, Yeonpyeong, near the disputed sea border. Two civilians and two South Korean marines were killed in the attack.
The two countries are still technically at war and the demilitarized zone is the most heavily militarized border in the world.
The tension between the two countries is rising and if North Korea attacks again, there will be war.
And guess who is South Korea’s most vital ally? Guess who will also be at war if North Korea attacks South Korea again?
Yep, the United States.
Many people think we should avoid entangling alliances like the one with South Korea.
But I think this war is just as important as the one in the Middle East, if not more.
Iraq’s political leaders never outright threatened nuclear war. Yes, they publicly denounced our involvement in their country but the entire Iraqi population isn’t bent on destroying us.
North Korea has threatened us with nuclear war. Numerous times.
And unfortunately, they have the capability to do so.
Just a few days ago, North Korea hosted a massive military parade in its capitol, Pyongyang, to mark the 65th anniversary of North Korea’s ruling party, the Workers’ Party of Korea.
It displayed new military weaponry decorated with sayings like “Defeat the US Military” and “US soldiers are the Korean People’s Army’s enemy.”
These words are terrifying. How can we just let a threat like this go by? Are we really only sanctioning this country?
The biggest reason is because North Korea has more allies than you would think. Russia and China have provided them enormous economic support.
Aviation Weekly and others noticed similar weaponry designs to Iran in the parade. This hints at a possible friendship between the two countries.
But this shouldn’t be enough to stop us from strongly reprimanding North Korea. We need to do something more than measly sanctioning.
If that means we need to go to war again, so be it.
We cannot allow such a dangerous country to keep threatening us. Because one day, they might just follow through on their threats.