Colorado shooting raises questions, concerns about current gun laws

Kelly Cordingley, Editor in Chief

To think, they all just went to see a movie.
The senselessness that was the shooting in Aurora, Colorado made history as the worst shooting in modern U.S. history, according to
The man charged with 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder shouldn’t get to see his name plastered on most media outlets. He shouldn’t ever get to see the light of day, for that matter.
According to The Columbus Dispatch online, six-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan was shot and killed during the Dark Knight Rises midnight premier. Her mother was paralyzed from the shooting and miscarried her baby in the aftermath.
According to the Denver Post online, Jon Blunk shielded his girlfriend amidst gunfire. He wasn’t the only person to lay down his life for someone. Some people stayed to comfort the wounded instead of fleeing for their lives.
It is amazing that while the worst of humanity is rearing its terribly hideous head, the bright spots of humanity shine.
Maybe looking at the tragedy in that light is the only way to wrap one’s head around what happened.
There is no way to profile every person with capacity for evil. It is impossible to separate all the good eggs from the bad in the world.
People are flawed — this much we all know.
However, access to weapons that wreak this much havoc are obviously too available. The gunman spent months stockpiling bullets and buying full body-armour via the Internet, according to the Huffington Post online.
These types of purchases didn’t raise a red flag to anyone, either. Maybe that is what frightens me the most — that almost anyone can access weapons capable of such destruction.
The Second Amendment grants Americans the right to bear arms. I’m not arguing against the Constitution, but surely our Founding Fathers didn’t intend for civilians to be able to access what the New York Times online calls “a semi-automatic variation of the military’s M-16 rifle.”
At 17 years old, I might not have enough information on the ‘great gun debate’ to say outright that no person should be able to bear arms, it is a right.
I do know there must be more regulations on guns.
It is the only way to prevent another deranged individual from causing such a tragedy.