Working hard during year’s end is very important; summer comes soon enough

Danielle Williams, Entertainment Editor

We’ve spent hours studying.
We’ve finally gotten a glimpse of some warm weather.
We’ve watched the seniors graduate.
And we are as ready as ever for summer.
With the pools opening and shorts coming back into season, all that is on our minds is summer. Most students feel they are “done” and don’t have the strength to finish the next few weeks; however, it is really important that all the students end these last few weeks strong.
Even though theres not much time left, these next few weeks can be the most important and will have the strongest impact on your grade.
Even though you might be ready for summer, it isn’t quite ready for you.
I know for me, second semester is always the hardest, because my mind is so worn out.
There is only so many hours you can dedicate to school, and many feel they reached that limit weeks ago.
However, finals are the test with the biggest impact on you grade and they can make the difference between an A and a B, which can make a huge difference on your transcript.
If you work as hard these next two weeks, as you did the first two weeks, it is very possible to raise your grade.
Also, during the end of the year, teachers offer a lot more extra credit, make up assignments, and ways to boost your grade, so if you are willing to dedicate the time, it can be very beneficial.
I am always hearing students say how they’ve given up on school and they are already in the summer mindset, but I encourage those people to keep pushing themselves till they take their 7th hour final.
You will have plenty of time to go to the pool and spend time with friends, but after May 30th you will never be able to change your second semester grade.
Make the most of these next two weeks, because it will be much more beneficial than a pool day.