Seniors should exhibit role-model qualities, improve for remaining year

Maddie Jewett, Features Editor

We are SEN14RS.
Throwback to just three incredibly short years ago.
The varsity football players were tall, hairy, smelly (yet attractive) giants.
The varsity cheerleaders were, in our eyes, perfect.
The presidents of the clubs were the equivalent of the president of the United States.
We looked up to the big kids so much we would even copy the way they dressed — well, to an extent at least.
Now let’s spring forward three years.
We are seniors — 17 and 18 years old.
Only a few years away from having real jobs.
Getting married.
Raising families.
Some of us are even able to sign our own permission slips to watch R-rated movies in class.
We’ll be leaving for college in about 10 short, sweet months.
That’s around 300 days.
Three hundred more days to leave our mark on Blue Valley.
Three hundred more days to be role models for the underclassmen — and yes, they do look up to us way more than we allow ourselves to believe.
They want to be like us.
Take a second to step back and really think about this statement again: they want to be like us.
Maybe you are a team captain, or the editor of the yearbook or the leader of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
The younger students look to us seniors to see how we act. If we show our school spirit, they will follow along and show school spirit, too.
I’ve always believed the most influential leader is one who not only leads vocally, but also one who leads by example.
One who attends the pizza dances and bonfire.
One who smiles at the “little freshmen” in the hallway.
One who loves BV with their whole heart.
It’s our job to show the underclassmen just how much fun our school events can be and how much pride they should have for our wonderful school.
Sure, it’s not perfect, but it comes pretty darn close.
What other school has a principal who knows ninety-nine percent of the students by name?
I don’t know of one.
All in all, I think we as a senior class need to unite despite the odds.
No matter what activity you are involved in or what social group you belong to, we all should be able to unite under one common thing: our love for being Tigers.