It’s Your Choice: Certain circumstances present necessity for turning to abortion; women must not be forced into motherhood, having children

Riley Miller, Opinion Editor

A crowd stands outside a women’s health clinic, waving signs in the air that read, “Stop abortion now” and chanting, “Abortion is murder!”
Inside, a girl who just pushed her way through the frantic crowd sits in the waiting room, arms wrapped around her stomach.
She has no money to support herself, let alone a child.
She’s gathered what little cash she has in order to pay for the operation.
And now she’s been convinced that she’s a terrible person for “murdering” an unborn fetus within the first trimester of her pregnancy.
Those who are pro-life typically stand behind the solution of putting an unwanted baby up for adoption — and a great solution it is — if the woman can actually afford to be pregnant.
Contrary to how it is shown in the plot-line of “Juno,” putting a baby up for adoption is not as easy as opening your local paper and choosing a couple to take the baby off your hands, as well as cover all costs of your pregnancy.
Another human being obviously comes with its expenses, but so does the actual process of bringing another human being into this world.
Prenatal care can cost thousands of dollars alone and even more for women who don’t have health insurance.
It is recommended that pregnant women see their doctor at least 12 times throughout the duration of their pregnancy. These appointments include anything from standard physical checkups to blood tests and ultrasound exams in order to reduce the risk of any sort of complications.
It’s also suggested that pregnant women take a various number of vitamins, follow a healthy diet and completely eliminate alcohol, drug and tobacco use to keep themselves and their babies healthy. If a pregnant woman is unable to afford or even just live up to all of these said requirements to good prenatal care, it’s likely the baby will have more health complications in the long run.
Now, some who are against abortion may say that a woman who is irresponsible enough to get pregnant in the first place simply deserves to deal with the consequences of her actions. Unfortunately, the logic behind that doesn’t quite make sense. Other words associated with the word irresponsible are “unreliable,” “immature” and “neglectful.” So, in short, a woman who is irresponsible, unreliable, immature and neglectful is expected to be forced into motherhood? Or she is even expected to properly care for herself for nine months until the baby can be put up for adoption?
One fact in particular is often pointed out by those who are pro-life.Out of the 55 million abortion procedures that have been completed, “only” about 1% have taken place because of rape.
That’s “only” about half a million.
Meaning “only” about half a million women shouldn’t have been given the right to terminate a pregnancy caused by a man who attacked, abused and entirely diminished her as a human being.
Meaning “only” about half a million babies should have lived and grown up with the extremely high possibility of having some sort of mental disorder passed onto them by their biological fathers.
Aside from the fact that some pregnant women can’t afford to bring a child into this world, some are simply too “irresponsible” to do so and some actually are raped, having an abortion procedure is and always should be a right for all women. Although an aborted baby may have turned out to be an Olympic athlete, or the president of the United States,  considering most circumstances, the odds don’t always seems to be in its favor.

By the Numbers:

  • Annually, about 14,000 women have abortions following rape.
  • Each year, 2 out of 100 women have an abortion.
  • An estimated 43 percent of women will have at least one abortion by the time they are 45 years old.
  • The risk of death associated with childbirth is about 10 times as high as that associated with abortion.