Swim Unit

Macie Lawrence, Staff Writer

Blue Valley students are required to take one year of gym class. During gym class, students will have a variety of units throughout the year such as football, basketball and fitness. Students are also required to take a unit of swim.

There are many reasons why I feel it is unnecessary to take gym; or even have swimming.

Most students, like me, argue that freshmen have to take a unit of swim. I feel it is completely unnecessary for students to have to do this during the school day.

I believe parents should take responsibility for their child being able to swim. Though, many students learn to swim at a young age, there are a few that do not ever learn. Students who do not know how to swim, may be embarrassed and not be comfortable swimming in front of all of their peers.

Besides just learning to swim, students are also required to take a swimming test and a written test. The swimming unit was hard but the written test was even harder and irrelevant.

I agree, it is important to learn how to swim but there is always one kid who has never learned how to swim. Instead of putting him or her on the spot in front of all of his or her peers, I think parents should take responsibility in getting their child swim lessons.

I believe swimming should not be required at Blue Valley. It can make kids very uncomfortable and self conscious.