Pollution Problem

Hannah Hawks, Fall 2014 J1 Student

America’s issue of pollution is getting worse, and people are only making this problem worse.

Vehicle emissions, factories, greenhouse gasses and pesticides are all contributors to this issue, and only minimal actions have been taken to improve our position.

Riding in cars can pollute the air each time you drive. According to The Union of Considered Scientists, car exhaust pollution makes up over one third of all carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in the air and over twenty percent of the global warming pollution.

By riding your bike or walking, you’re not only getting exercise yourself, you are helping reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from engine exhaust that gets into the atmosphere and waters.

Even riding the bus instead of driving your car can improve the condition of our air by reducing the amount of cars on the road letting off exhaust.

Factories and greenhouse gasses are also main contributors to the massive amount of pollution in our earth’s air and waters.

The rising temperatures are caused by so much pollution in the atmosphere. A large contributor to this climate increase is all of the greenhouse gasses and buildings letting off toxins and chemicals.

Livestrong.com says some effects from these buildings are a lower ozone layer, which is harmful to both people and our earth, acidic rain and climate change.

Factories and greenhouse gasses aren’t only affecting our earth, they are also affecting human health, according to Livestrong.com. The lower ozone layers are even disturbing our respiratory systems, causing asthma and bronchitis.

Although we can’t do much ourselves about this problem of factory and greenhouse gasses, we can push for better regulated rules factories must follow. Encouraging newer, updated machines will also help reduce the amount or pollution in the air.

Even though we think we are using pesticides to help protect our plants, while we may be doing that, we also are altering the amount of unnatural chemicals entering the air.

The pesticides we are using to positively protect our plants in turn negatively affect human health. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston found if people were exposed to a great deal of pesticide chemicals, they were more prone to diseases, including Parkinson’s disease.

Using natural, or even homemade pesticides made of organic materials will work just as well as a store-bought pesticide, will cost a lot less,and be safer on the environment.

Considerable factors that are aiding the rise in amount of pollution are things caused by humans such as car exhaust, factories, greenhouse gases and pesticide chemicals. The increasing problem of pollution is causing the need for major changes and updates in the way we are taking care of the earth. Everyone has the opportunity to help take care of our planet.