Bad Blood

Hope Brown, Features Editor

She invited fans to her house to listen to her new album.

She crafted Christmas presents for her biggest fans.

She searched for — and took a picture with — a fan who waited 20 hours to see her.

This doesn’t sound like someone who deserves hateful comments and backlash.

However, these days, the new trend is to badmouth Taylor Swift.

From her abundance of songs about past boyfriends to taking her music off Spotify, it seems as if Taylor Swift cannot do anything to please the world.

But these insensitive insults about her character are unwarranted.

Taylor Swift isn’t a vicious, vengeful pop star.

Yes, she writes songs about all of the men who wronged her, but what is she supposed to write about? Her cats? Brussel sprouts?
People enjoy relatable music, and Taylor Swift offers this. Her personal experiences with heartbreak, rejection and love are exemplified in her songs.

When I was nervous for my first day of freshman year, I listened to “Fifteen,” which described Taylor’s transition to high school and how she met her best friend. Listening to this song calmed me down. Taylor knew exactly how I was feeling — nervous, yet excited.

I like Taylor Swift’s music because she understands basic human emotions.

Taylor writes about actual concepts instead of just getting drunk and partying all the time.

In a world where celebrities are constantly getting arrested for assaults or peeing in mop buckets, it’s reassuring to know there’s at least one celebrity who acts like an average person.

Sure, Taylor owns multiple houses and is one of the richest women in America. But, she also takes her mother on tour with her and has a close friend squad.

She’s an average 25 year old who also happens to be a pop phenomenon.

Just because Taylor doesn’t show up to awards shows half-naked or lick donuts doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect.

Throughout the chaos of fame and stardom, she kept a level head and remained empathetic to fans and people alike.

Taylor is a role model to all girls and women.

She doesn’t deserve all of the hate heaped onto her by whiny, angsty teenagers.

Stop hating on Taylor Swift because she’ll just shake it off.