Construction to help traffic not really resolving the problem

Lydia Hsu, Staff Writer

Construction has recently started on 159th Street. The plan for the roadwork is to expand the lanes on both sides of the road and put two roundabouts in place at the east and west entrances to Blue Valley. The goal in this construction plan is to help lessen the traffic before and after school.

But will it really?

Right now we already have many students driving to and from school, and the number of students driving will only increase throughout the years, which means there will be more cars driving on 159th Street. Roundabouts are not the solution to this problem.

Sure it might help traffic move along slightly faster now, but wouldn’t it be a lot safer and easier to install stoplights?

Also I know many students, including myself, do not know the rules of driving in a roundabout, which I would think could lead to more car accidents, especially during the rush hour in the morning and when school dismisses in the afternoon.

Stoplights are the way to go. They’re the best way to direct traffic with a less likelihood of car accidents. Unlike stoplights and stop signs where you actually stop, in roundabouts you yield to drivers in the roundabout. So, now instead of coming to a complete stop, students now do not have to; this will mostly likely increase the chances of car accidents. The only way to truly decrease student car accidents is to install stoplights.

It might seem annoying waiting in your car after school for the light to change, but it would be much better and safer than you trying to squeeze your car into into a roundabout.