Parking Madness

Blue Valley parking lots need change

Claire Chapman, Fall 2015 J1 Student


Blue Valley has just installed two new parking lots to be able to park more cars. The expanding of the parking lots means there are now so many more cars.

While there are more than double the cars than before, BV only has three car exits from the school. This causes back ups and long waits.

No one wants to wait 30 minutes in line just to leave school.

As a first time driver, it’s really frustrating having to wait so long just to leave school. Leaving school means going home and relaxing after a long day, having to wait to get home is a hassle and unnecessary when there are many solutions to this problem.

Blue Valley is attempting to construct roundabouts and more lanes to regulate this 30 minute traffic.

While a roundabout could be semi helpful, it does not lessen the amount of cars trying to exit at the same time.

Another option could even be more more exits.

In a survey taken by BV student drivers, 100% said they want a change in the traffic situation and that they don’t want to have to wait another year for this change to happen.

No matter what, this issue must be fixed and it must be fixed now!