Bop to the Top

Tigerettes dance their way to victory

Hannah Patterson, Fall 2015 J1 Student

If you’ve ever walked by the commons in the morning you will notice a group of girls running, jumping and kicking. 

They aren’t ninjas — they’re the dance team. 

In the past the girls haven’t been too appreciated due to a group of less experienced girls, but starting this year, they are expected to begin their climb to the top.

Last April, there were plenty of freshmen that tried out, and 10 made the flag team. Eight of those freshmen made the dance team. 

A group of even more talented freshmen are expected to try out for next year. 

This year’s competitions are Miss Kansas and . With a new and improved team, they are expected to do better than ever.

First place is the goal for these girls and they are eager to win.

With all of the improvements they have also been noticed more.

Even though the team is being noticed they have been left out on some school spirit. They do feel appreciated for their work but not as much as they had hoped.

They hope to be able to get new uniforms, cheer in front of students for football games, have a place to practice and attend more competitions or dance camps. Overall, they just want to be respected as a team.

They will have to earn that respect, but they want to and can do it as long as they work hard and focus on their goal.