A Much Needed Change

BV should change to block schedule every day

Emma Andersen, Fall 2015 J1 Student

Right now Blue Valley has all seven periods Monday, Tuesday and Friday, which leads to long nights of seven homework assignments and four to five hours of dance those days.

BV should change to block schedule Monday through Thursday to give students longer time to complete homework assignments and guided study time to ask teachers questions about content.  

BV West has recently changed to this schedule and it has helped students tremendously with getting their work finished and understanding content.

BV West still has one day of late start on Thursday and one day of early release on Wednesday. To fill the extra time, they have a study hall at the end of the day on Monday and Tuesday.

This block schedule would give students two days to finish homework, which would help give us more sleep hours and less stress.

I know many students are involved in many activities and can’t fit in all seven periods of homework in one night. This leads to many late nights, which is reflected on our test scores because of how tired we are.

Yes, two hours of one class is hard to sit through, but the extra time would allow teachers to finish a lesson in one day.

Without block days, we don’t finish many lessons and then we have to remember half of an equation which makes it even harder to do the homework, or we only get part of the lab in chemistry and can’t write the lab report until we finish.

Overall block day would give us more time to finish homework as well as we would have study time at the end of the day on Monday and Tuesday to either get homework done or ask teachers questions.

Block schedules would be a huge benefit to students time, sleep, and comprehension of content at BV.