May 26


Courtney Carpenter, Co-Editor

In our world of newspaper, the past week was hectic with trying to update sports coverage information. (Shoutout to our awesome baseball, track/field and swim/dive teams!) The rest of the week has been a less busy cycle as we start working on our summer issue stories. We are continually working hard at improving our website and media presence, as we strive to continue to cover new things happening around BV even during the summer. As we wait to see what baseball and track/field accomplish, we are working on brainstorming and starting interviews.

Courtney’s thoughts: 

This week has shown me that at one moment, life is quiet, and the next, what seems like fifty endless tasks are thrown at you at once. Being summer, it can be easy to shrug off those pesky must-do’s, to postpone them for later. But, these are the times school has prepared us so well for — prioritizing and effectively finishing projects, even if you’re feeling tired, lazy or strained. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable — growth happens outside of our comfort zones. It is quoted that Eleanor Roosevelt challenged us to “do one thing every day that scares you.” Even though we are only on our sixth day of summer, I challenge you to push the limits of your comfort zone. Go explore our state. Go meet new people, try new foods or attend a free concert to a band you’re unfamiliar with. Go put extra hours into the activity you do, the sport you participate in or the instrument you play. Go volunteer at a new place. Summer is the perfect time for relaxation, but don’t let yourself fall into a mindless cycle of laying around and wasting time. It’s all about balance, and I think we will all be surprised at what opens up when you put yourself out there.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

— Neale Donald Walsch