September 14

The past two weeks have flown by in Room 450. Paper day is quickly approaching, as we send to print this Monday, with paper day set for next Friday, September 23. Our staff is busy taking last-minute photos, writing web stories and finalizing page designs.

The newspaper program has collaborated with Tiger T.V. as we’ve bounced ideas off each other and  collaborated to combine both journalism programs. Their first show airs tomorrow during Tiger Time, so we’re all excited for them and looking forward to seeing their hard work on the screen. We’re starting a web archive with Tiger T.V. links for anyone who missed the show to watch from a computer at home or mobile device.

Meg and I are super proud of our staff — we are especially proud of our first-year staff members. They have adjusted well to the class and have stepped up and contributed with awesome ideas, photos, stories and page designs. We’ve asked them to do