Learn to regard others opinions or beliefs besides your own



Donald Trump supporters yell at a group of pro-Hillary Clinton protesters on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016 in Ambridge, Pa. (Michael Henninger/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS)

Emilee Holscher, Web Editor

Recently, America has become heated due to the inevitable election coming all too soon. Over the countless arguments between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters, people have seem to have forgotten a virtue that has been ingrained in our minds since elementary school — respect.

Lately, we have become prejudice and ignorant to people’s opinions.

We seem to forget that a Trump supporters opinion is just as valid as a Clinton supporters.

It goes further than just politics, though.

If you’re a christian, you aren’t any better than someone who is atheist because you believe in God.

If you’re older, you aren’t any better from the teenager sitting next to you because you have lived longer and experienced more.

I am not saying you shouldn’t voice your own opinion. Speak out about what you stand for, but do it respectfully.

Nobody was meant to be the same in this world, and we are all different, obviously. We don’t have to be the same, but we should respect others opinions, regardless if we agree with them or not.