Social, academic information must be streamlined on a single medium for efficiency, clarity

Social, academic information must be streamlined on a single medium for efficiency, clarity

Charlotte Rooney, Opinion Editor

Occasionally, the announcements come on, and the classrooms are so loud it’s impossible to hear any information given.

Seniors trying to access transcripts are told to “check the website” for forms, and each teacher has a different way of presenting information to their students.

For one class, students have to login to their student email. For another, they have to access Moodle, Edmodo or Weebly or sort through teacher webpages on the Blue Valley website that may or may not be updated.

To access information about colleges and upcoming meetings, students have to attempt maneuvering through Naviance, which is not user-friendly.

The SchoolWay app, while great if a student wants to read the announcements, has little more to offer.

It’s no wonder so many students complain about not knowing what’s going on at school.

Information is not presented in a clear, cohesive way that’s easy for students to access.

BV needs to compile one comprehensive system for students and teachers to easily access, connect and update information and events happening in the school.

At this point, a class group-chat is one of the only ways to get detailed, helpful information.

If it’s easiest for teachers to update using Moodle, then all teachers should use Moodle — or perhaps SchoolWay could be a forum for each teacher to post the classroom schedule or due dates for important projects or papers.

Remembering passwords and keeping up with classes when information is on various online platforms is difficult.

Having a central location to display information would make turning in homework and projects a smoother process.

Listing times and locations of events would draw more student participation.

A few tweaks to what we have now could really make a difference in the way information is provided to students, teachers and parents alike.