Biased Media

The Media’s Influence

The presidential election — the talk of the country for the past year. The coverage of the election has also been of discussion.

During the 2016 election the media was extremely biased against the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC have been the four major news outlets for the 2016 election.

When the candidates narrowed to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the immediate portrayal was that Hillary Clinton had it in the bag.

From the very beginning the majority of the media began to show favoritism toward one candidate — Hillary Clinton.

But why was the media mostly leaning toward one candidate instead of fairly reporting both? Was it because she is experienced?

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-9-17-19-amFor these media outlets many believe in democratic views. They based their reports on their own ideologies instead of remaining of neutral.

If we can’t trust the media, who can we trust? We depend on reporters to be fair and show both sides of the story. Reporters are the ones explore and find the truth to inform and confront millions of people of the tragic truths of the world.

There are many examples of the media making up stories for their own benefit and advantage.

The media was so biased that hours before the election had been called, the magazine “Newsweek” prematurely distributed the cover displaying Madame Hillary Clinton had won the election to many newsstands, grocery stores, and bookstores around the country.

What did they not see? How did they get the election so wrong?

It might be because they only looked into one side of the story instead of both. These reporters were so caught up in creating their own stories to persuade the millions of people watching, that they looked right past the possibility of Trump winning.

These outlets are now forced to analyze how they gather polling information and assess that data. Many media outlets have lost millions of viewers as well as credibility. They are no longer a credible source of political information.

As journalists they have lost their objectivity and allowed views to taint their reporting