Take it Easy

Overprotective Parents Should Learn to Trust Their Kids

There is no doubt that every teen has a unique relationship with their parents — and that it comes with a different way of parenting. As teens, we carry the common stereotype of being rebellious, reckless and disrespectful to our parents or elders. Yet, as the saying goes, “strict parents create rebellious kids.”

There are now apps on smartphones that parents can use to track their teens actions wherever they go, so their every move is documented through their phone screen. Teens are feeling suffocated by the constant concern of where they’re going and what they’re doing.

Don’t get me wrong, parents having concern for their children is absolutely necessary to be a responsible parent. When your six year old is playing in the front yard and decides to cross the street, you watch them through the window to make sure they make it across safely.

A line must eventually be drawn though. When your 16 year old wants to have a night out with friends, and you call them every 20 minutes asking where they are, it is not only a complete buzz kill, but creates distrust from the teen to the parent.

So parents, on behalf of all stressed out teens, loosen your reins a bit. You were a teen once so I’m sure you can understand.