Don’t complain about your problems. Fix them.


Nick Lamberti, Design Editor

Picture a night like many nights you might have experienced before: You’re in bed, scrolling through Instagram. Numerous posts from your friends ‘finstas’ are filling your feed (and it’s usually just pictures of their foreheads). You glance at a long caption, and you naturally assume that it contains something important enough to be posted on social media. Lately, however, that is not the case.

Reading the caption, you notice it is filled with various complaints about the Instagram user’s life. Things like, “I wish my grades were better.” “I wish I could eat healthier, but instead I want to eat cookies.” “I want a better body.”

Or, my personal favorite, from the inveterate nicotine abuser: “I don’t know why I’m so stressed,” posted along with a video of them hitting a Juul.

Almost everyone can be found guilty of posting their problems for the world to see. I’ve done it. But the thing is — it’s simply unhealthy.

You can’t wait for things to magically get better by sitting around and fussing. You have to make a change yourself.

For example, if you wish your grades were better, don’t use all afternoon to sit and watch Netflix. Study, take a break and study some more.

If you wish you could eat better, start incorporating healthier foods into your diet and discover recipes that you would like.

If you’re worried about your body, whether your health is at stake or you simply just want to feel more confident, then start exercising.

And if you’re stressed, identify your stressors and cut them out of your life.

It may seem hard to try new things at first, but if you don’t try, nothing will change. Complaining about the things you wish were different in your life is only going to make you feel worse, and in the end, you’ll be glad you got up to make a change.