“When life gets overwhelming, do your best to let go of things you can’t change.”

My Senior Column

Sadie Myer, Staff Writer

Maybe it’s just me, but as a child, my perception of high school was beyond skewed.

I know now that movies and TV shows are portrayed just to keep the audience intrigued.

Life in general is no children’s book or Disney show. (And, it’s not 13 Reasons Why, either.)

Over the past four years, I have changed more than I ever thought possible.

I’m sure the world has changed too, and there’s drama I missed out on — but I don’t care.

I probably don’t know what clothes are in-style right now or what songs are popular or what happened on “Spring Break.”

The world does not revolve around me or any one person for that matter.

But in my world — it is all about me. I don’t mean to sound like a stuck-up rich girl, but over time I have learned the importance of putting myself first.

What I mean is:

Sometimes you have to miss the party.

Be absent from school, and let your grades fall.

Whether that means one day or two weeks.

Distance yourself from toxic friends.

Admit defeat. Surrender. Let your white flag wave.

Give up on the boy.

Miss the Friday night football game.

Get slapped with rejection from your life-long passion.

Receive the phone call you never wanted to hear.

Wear a black dress far too many times and say final goodbyes to the ones you love the most.

None of these experiences will be easy.

But I am living proof that it’s possible to move past those days.

YOU have to focus on YOU. Because some days no one else will.

I know that’s harsh, but it’s the cold hard truth.

When life gets overwhelming, do your best to let go of things you can’t change. In the end, the only things in your hands are your health, your happiness and your future.

Thank you, high school.