You Are an Artist

You Are an Artist

Art comes easier to some than others, but this isn’t because those people are born with or without the skill to sculpt, paint, photograph, or even scribble.

Countless times while sketching in class, someone next to me has noticed. At least half of them have said to me, “I can’t even draw a stick figure.”

Why is that always the goal?

You don’t have to be able to draw a face so flawless that the Snapchat camera will recognize it to be considered an artist. Everyone starts off somewhere. So, start.

Practically anything can be considered art, even that little flower that the girl who sits by you in math class drew on the hole-punched part of her assignment. It just depends on who you ask. Always try something new, something different. Work with a new medium. You’ll never learn if you never make an attempt.

Seeing the end result of your creation is really rewarding. Don’t get hung up on drawing that straight line or trying to mix the perfect shade of blue. Nothing is interesting about a piece that has absolutely no imperfections. It will save you a lot of energy to simply stop worrying about those little things and move on. My mom once told me, “Artists will always be their own worst critics.”

Maybe, you don’t think of yourself as being artistic, but every person has the ability to create and be creative. Anyone and everyone can find inspiration anywhere.

Actually — I take that back. You aren’t always going to find inspiration. Sometimes, you have to inspire yourself.