5 ways to boost creativity

For artists who aren’t motivated



  1. Go on short walks every day

This helps you clear your thoughts and take time for focusing on art. This will allow you to not only find inspiration within yourself but within your surroundings, too.


  1. Do something new

To be comfortable in art is to be stuck in the past. Challenge yourself, do something new, and go outside your comfort zone. You can really develop new techniques and discover what you like and dislike.


  1. Write down your ideas

Most likely, if you think of a great idea but don’t write it down, you’ll forget it. Keep a list on the notes app of your phone and write down an idea the instant it comes to mind


  1. Visit old pieces and identify what you would’ve done differently

This will expand your horizon and allow you to view things in a different, interesting way.


  1. Remove expectations

When you expect a piece to end up a certain way, it never happens. Allow yourself to think about an idea but not an end result so you have more room to expand your idea and you aren’t disappointed when your art doesn’t turn out the way you expected it to.