Cozy Tigers


JD Loftin and Josie Cuthbertson

CON JD Loftin

At Blue Valley students are seen in the halls with blankets around them or they are carrying them. This is just not right — a school is a place of learning and it is not your home.

At school when students bring blankets, it not only makes it inconvenient for them but it can also be inconvenient to the people around them. The blankets can sometimes drag on the ground, making it so that others might step on it.

Sure you can bring blankets to school, but what about when you get a job? They won’t let you walk around with a blanket. They will say to put on a jacket, which is more professional than a blanket.

Blankets could distract or hinder a student from working more efficiently because the student would have to hold on to the blanket instead of writing or typing. Along with that, having a blanket in class could potentially distract the student along with other students around them. Students will feel the urge to fidget and mess with the blanket.

Students will also have the desire to want to go to sleep in class due to the use of blankets. Because the body usually associates blankets with sleep, students will be more inclined to want to go to sleep during school.

Blankets should not be allowed in schools. There are other ways of staying warm, so why bring a blanket?

PRO Josie Cuthbertson

Students spend up to seven hours of their day at school, starting in the early morning, five days a week, nine months a year. We spend a huge portion of our time at school, coming in second to home for most.

So with that large of a time sacrifice, most kids are not able to look professional every single day coming to school. Students should be able to bring blankets to class to sacrifice looking professional for comfort at school.

Students being able to bring blankets makes the classroom environment more welcoming as well, allowing students to have more freedom and adaptability in their school experience.

Some classrooms can also be colder than others, helping students stay warm and focus.

Bringing a blanket has no affect the learning experience, either. Every student, whether they show up in comfy attire or professional attire, comes for the same thing: to go to their classes and learn.

There’s nothing in the dress code against bringing blankets, so students should be able to bring them if they so choose.

If a student decides to bring a blanket to stay warm, then by all means, do so. As long as blankets do not get in the way of the learning experience, they should be permitted.