Comfort During Finals

What should and should not be allowed during finals week?

Comfort During Finals

Liya Patel, Staff Writer

As finals come around the corner, many students begin to break out the sweatpants and RedBull’s to prepare.

Knowing that they have long finals, many students are wanting to bring snacks and blankets to keep them selfs comfortable during testing. But what if teachers say “NO”?

I believe students should be allowed to bring whatever they need to be comfortable for finals. Is it not enough that we have to take multiple tests throughout the week? Students should be able to feel as comfortable as possible when they are forced to do what they hate the most.

Many items such as blankets and food create a less stressful environment for students, and I feel that is extremely necessary when students are taking a test that could change their entire grade.

Finals are already stressful enough as it is, and not having the option to be comfortable makes the experience even worse.

Teachers should allow students to bring reasonable yet comfortable items to help their finals experience go a little smoother.