Socks With Sandals

socks with sandals are bad


Olivia Sherlock and Noma Kreegar


When you think socks and sandals you think “40-year-old, balding man, wearing a Hawaiian shirt,” which is just not cute.

I like mustard and like like ice cream, but I’m definitely not going to eat them together — some things are just better apart.

Not only is it ugly to wear socks with sandals, but it is also gross.

Walking outside with sandals on and no socks, you are freer to step wherever you please.

If you step in a puddle without socks on, your feet will get a little muddy. With socks on, you now have to deal with you moist dirty socks all day — and nothing is worse than moist socks.

Plus, wet socks can cause athlete’s foot.

Some people may argue that feet are ugly, but if your feet are uglier than socks with sandals, then you have another problem.

Without socks on, you can simply bathe, and your feet are clean. But after a long day of walking around in wet, squishy socks, you must wash your socks.

On top of that, your socks are now dirty and mold-ridden. If you truly would rather have comfort over fashion, then just don’t wear sandals.

Sandals are to give air flow and coolness to feet, so wearing socks with them completely defeats the purpose.

Ifs it’s too cold to not wear socks, then it is too cold to wear sandals.

If it’s too hot to wear shoes, that aren’t sandals, then it’s too hot to wear socks.

Let’s de-feet the problem of socks with sandals, and put on some regular shoes on.




OK. I’ll admit it. I wear socks with sandals.

The first time I stepped into the world of socks with sandals, it was actually as a joke.

In a strange twist of fate, Tacky Tourist day marked the first time I was introduced to a whole new world of comfort and function that I had previously been deprived of.

Socks and sandals is what had been missing from my life for all of these years.

And sure, you can make arguments about how sandals paired with socks is a fashion faux pas, but think about it this way.

If I’m wearing socks with sandals — in public — do I seem like the type of person who cares about trivial fashion do’s and don’ts?

Absolutely not.

On top of that, the oldest known surviving pair of socks were actually designed to be worn with sandals and are currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the United Kingdom. The people of Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, undoubtedly knew what was up in 250 A.D., and they sure were a step above everyone else at the time.

Additionally, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that anyone who’s even remotely anti-socks and sandals obviously hasn’t had the pleasure of experiencing the heavenly combination. Hey, you know what they say — don’t knock it till you rock it.

So, I challenge skeptics to go ahead and toe the line. Walk a mile in my shoes, but tread lightly, because you’re guaranteed to be head over heels for socks and sandals in no time.