Streaming Service Showdown

Streaming Service Showdown

Josie Cuthbertson and Emily Cummings


Netflix and Hulu are often what comes to mind when regarding popular streaming services. Although Netflix is hailed as the more popular out of the pair, Hulu reigns in both quality and quantity.

Hulu includes live TV streaming, including sports, which Netflix does not offer.

A study done by Sabienna Bowman on reveals Hulu ranks number-one in the number of TV shows, with 1,784 shows as of September 2018 — passing every streaming service, including Netflix.

It has fewer originals but many more popular TV networks than Netflix.

Netflix makes subscribers wait for new episodes of TV shows after the next season is aired, and movies take a long time to arrive as well. However, Hulu has TV episodes available within a day of airing episodes, with movies being added to Hulu’s catalog quickly.

According to the study, Hulu features the highest number of shows with a rating above 8/10 on IMDb.

When the two most popular streaming services are put head-to-head, Hulu comes out on top.


Out of all the live-streaming programs, Netflix is the best.

Netflix has a skyrocketing 125 million monthly subscribers. The heavy fanbase is an indicator of how amazing Netflix is.

Even though some people argue Hulu is better because it streams new episodes of TV shows immediately, whereas Netflix takes a bit longer.

However, Netflix has many more productions to choose from, including over 100,000 movies and TV shows.

Netflix even has its own original productions that include award-winning TV shows such as, “Stranger Things” and “Orange is the New Black.”

Netflix is available in 190 countries, whereas Hulu is only available in United States Territories and Japan.

Hulu also has commercials, unless you spend the extra money to eliminate them.

Overall, Netflix is the best option for a streaming service because of its availability and amount of movies and TV shows to watch.